Raymond LeFevre
Sewage Worker
Unknown Children and Ex-Wives
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Raymond is sewage worker and the only witness to the dumping of Brendan McCann's body into the river.

No RoundsEdit

Frank Agnew and Joe Geddes interrogate Raymond who describes Frank and Geddes' disposal of Brendan's body in great detail. However, despite claiming he has 20/20 vision and that he was less than 100 yards away, LeFevre doesn't recognize them. Frank tells Dani and Lt. Dawson that LeFevre's testimony is promising and suggests they do a background check him. Frank and Geddes point out to LeFevre that he is behind on child support and ask him whether he's just after the $10,000 reward. They press LeFevre to identify the ethnicity of the white suspect. LaFevre wavers and finally admits he doesn't know for sure. Later the officer's tell Lt. Charles Dawson that LeFevre would not fare well in cross-examination. Frank suggests they ignore LeFevre, but Lt. Dawson orders a sketch artist to draw LeFevre's descriptions of the two men he saw.


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